I <3 ES6

October 25, 2015

I came back to JavaScript world after mostly working in backend for the last years at TaskRabbit, I was impressed by how much this World changed.

I can say now that I came to love JavaScript as much as Ruby.

I enjoyed using CoffeeScript, I know that a lot of the pure JS developers I know were not a fond of it because the sugar syntax gets confusing and because of the gotchas of the var statement.

I admit that it did feel like another language to learn:

  • You’d have to be careful of spaces.
  • You don’t really know how the code will look like after it has been compiled.



EcmaScript is the Standardized Scripting Language that JavaScript implements. ES6 (also known as ES2015) is the new version following ES5.

Within one hour of playing and reading about it, I got really excited, this really feels like improvements that I was waiting for in JavaScript. It is more expressive and encourage functional programming, lots of JavaScript boilerplate is removed.

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Classes
  • Fat Arrow (autobinding)
  • Promises
  • Template strings
  • Function parameters default values
  • Spread
  • Destructing objects

You can use ES6 right now using babel.

ES7 is still in draft and it features decorators and static properties which for me really completes the classes from ES6.


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